Unable to Watch Netflix on Roku

Unable to Watch Netflix on Roku

Roku provides the easiest way to stream entertainment to your TV. The word “Roku” has been derived from a Japanese word which means “six”, as this is the sixth company made by the founder. A Roku streaming device gets it data via a wired or wifi connection from an internet router. Also, the data output can be recovered via an audio cable, video cable or an HDMI connector. Just as the other technology, Roku also gets a number of issues. Among several most common issue is Netflix outage or problem where customer is unable to watch Netflix on Roku. In this article we will be discussing about different problems in watching Netflix channel on Roku streaming devices.

Unable to watch Netflix on Roku

One of the most common problems faced by almost everyone is, while watching Netflix Roku freezes on the Netflix loading screen as a result of which you are unable to watch Netflix. Netflix needs network connectivity for streaming so firstly check the internet connection. If not the internet connection then lots of steps are being shown to resolve the issue but to avoid this every time here are the troubleshooting steps for your device to sort out the problem. There are three simple steps and if you follow them you would be easily able to use them.

Unable to Watch Netflix on Roku
Unable to Watch Netflix on Roku

If you are solely looking for a live TV, here are some of the best alternatives when you are using the Roku streaming device.

The below-mentioned steps have another set of steps that move around the troubleshooting steps.

  1. Restart your Roku device
  2. Disconnect your device from your Netflix account
  3. Troubleshoot Network connection issues

Restart your Roku device

Let’s start with the basic steps:

  • The first thing that you need to do is unplug your device from power for at least 10-15 seconds.
  • After 10-15 seconds plug your Roku back in.
  • Now its time to turn on your Roku device by pressing any button on the remote of Roku.
  • Wait for 1 minute and then try to connect with Netflix again.

After successfully doing the first step you need to follow the second step that will be done with the selection through your fingertips:

Disconnect your device from your Netflix account

  • In this step press the home button to navigate to the Roku Home Menu.
  • Select the Settings option for Netflix.
  • Then select the option Deactivate this player from my Netflix account.
  • If you select yes then the device will get deactivated. So choose the option Yes.

Troubleshoot Network connection issues

  • Check your internet connection if it’s working properly as it may slow or broken up internet connection.

Now, your device is free from any types of trouble and you can watch smoothly Netflix on your Roku streaming device. If you are still facing any issue with Netflix like unable to watch Netflix on Roku, then contact the 24/7 Roku tech support phone number or call Netflix Customer Service Number.

In some cases, troubleshooting seems to be difficult for a user to do it on their own. Some of the problems that arise are a weak or interrupted connection of the internet but sometimes error like “Cannot connect to the internet” keep taking place or there might be a problem in playing a movie or TV show on your Roku device and sometimes these errors come with error codes which needs an expert help.

If you don’t want to miss out on your favorite shows then contact the support team of Roku for instant help. Get the fastest support that offers genuine and fast services and available 24/7. To add to this the technical support team is not only present over the phone, but you can also send an email or live chat with them on their official website. It is also a benefit for the customers also. Just dial the

Roku Toll free helpline number +1(844) 539 9831

and get instant help from the support team. You can also go online to the Roku website and retrieve the FAQ part. There are great instructions on this kind of stuff. Problems related to Roku like Roku activation or other Roku channels, everything gets resolved instantly.

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