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Black Ink not Working on Brother Printer

Brother printers have been known for having the problem with black ink cartridge not printing black color. This is like a common issue with inkjet printers for a long time. Even Brother Industries knows it and could not find the proper solution for Black ink not working on Brother printer. In this article we would like to first focus on the main reasons that could cause this issue to occur followed by their fix. Otherwise, Brother printers are reliable and of best quality. If you use them regularly and run a routine cleaning and checkup task them I am sure you will be happy and such problems won’t occur.

Brother printers actually comes with a built-in printhead which is kind of permanent. This is just to make sure the printer uses a very high quality hardware and printheads. Whether you use an original printheads or a replaced one after the warranty has expired. You will soon realize that the nozzle of your printhead is blocked or does not yield good quality print. Which is the result of blockage or Jam in one or more nozzles. Normally, you try to fix it by running a set of cleaning task for the printhead and nozzles.

In order to fix this nozzle blockage or printhead jam problem. Which causes black ink or any other ink not working on brother printer. You must understand the reason and why does this problem occur.

What can cause a Black Ink not working on Brother printer ?

There are various reasons why this happen. Here are a list of some main reasons, including a few steps to avoid such situation. It is not the cartridges which is always faulty but also some other reasons as well. So follow all the step in the same order as written.

  1. First check if the black ink is missing only in printed documents or also from copies and received Fax document. If that happens in all types of documents then it means that either the cartridge(s) isn’t installed properly or the nozzles in the print head is jammed or clogged.
  2. Remove the cartridges and check if the “Breather Tape” on the top of the print head is removed. Breather tape is also known as shipping tape which must me removed befor installing the cartridges.
  3. Also make sure you always install the cartridges well in advance befor the older one runs out completely. When you start to see the low ink warning for black cartridges make sure you replace it in a day or two and do not just keep ignoring it. Ignoring the low ink warning will introduce air into the nozzles. Once the air is introduced and printer would stop printing black color. And it will further dry out the rest of the ink, so anyways the rest of the ink is going to be wasted.Black ink not Printing from Brother Printer
  4. Use a compressed air cans to clear out the clogged nozzle. If you have already tried all the steps from step1 through step 3 and the cartridges you are using is a brand new. Try to hold the “air can” nozzle tightly to the hole where the ink is drawn from. And then blast away to clear the way ink comes from. Make sure you cover the area with a tissue or something to avoid spray-back ink dots to spread all over your face.
  5. Using Low quality generic ink cartridges – Brother inkjet printers, similar to some other printer mark utilizes particular inks in their printers intended to perform accurately with their own particular machines. Because of the gigantic accessibility of nonexclusive cartridges there is an immense distinction in quality between one non specific ink and another.
  6. On the off chance that the thickness of the ink isn’t right and like the Brother inks then different issues can happen. The ink needs to stream at the right rate and furthermore should be planned to NOT CONGEAL or dry too quick. Printer inks really contain different chemicals which keep the ink from drying. This doesnt impact them drying on the real paper however it prevents it from drying out in the printer itself.
  7. Brother printers and CISS Systems – Brother printers which have a CISS fitted are likewise in danger of printhead stopping up. This is because of a few factors, for example, low quality ink being utilized, tanks not being blended regularly enough making residue accumulate at the base of the tanks or not being utilized frequently enough. These components can cause the dark ink or the hues not to print.

Preventing the “Black Ink not Working on Brother Printer”

You have heard it correctly that prevention is better than cure. So make sure you follow the general guidelines and best practices to avoid such circumstances to happen in near future. Prevention avoid Black ink not working on Brother Printer  issue.

  1. Use high quality generic cartridges or the original cartridges if possible.
  2. Print Regularly so that Ink flow stays smooth and printhead remain unclogged.whih would also prevent the ink from being dried out.
  3. Make sure that the printer is a always at room temprature not near hot or warm place. It prevent ink from being congealed inside.

What to do if Black ink not working on Brother Printer

If you are also among one of those users whose Brother printer does not print black ink and have already tried many troubleshooting. You should rely on the steps written here in this article and I am sure you Brother printer would start yeilding black ink properly.

  1. Take out the cartridges. If its new make sure the breather tape on top of printhead is removed. And if it is an old cartridges, clean the top of the printhead with a cotton cloth soaked in warm water.Black ink not working on Brother Printer
  2. Reinstall the cartridges and align it. Make sute they are recognized by the Brother printer.
  3. Run the nozzle cleans from Brother printer software. Open printer driver software and go to Cleaning and maintenance task option. Select nozzle clean option. Do not run it more than twice as it utilizes a lot of ink.
  4. After following all the above steps, try to print a black color image or any image in black and white or grayscale. Make sure you selt the print quality at the highest. This pushes the ink with force and clean the nozzles.
  5. Clear the print head Jam. Try to hold the “air can” nozzle tightly to the hole where the ink is drawn from. And then blast away to clear the way ink comes from. Make sure you cover the area with a tissue or something to avoid spray-back ink dots to spread all over your face.

That is all we would suggest you to try at this point. If you have exhausted all the above methods and you still have the same problem that your Black ink not working on Brother printer. You can ontact us through chat or phone line at Brother printer tech support team. They will use some advanced troubleshooting to fix this problem quickly to save your time and money. We do it for the purpose of research and training. You get free diagnosis and free consultation. Feel free to talk to Brother printer Support.

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