Brother Printer Drivers Mac Downloading and Installation

Brother Printers by Brother Industries, Ltd are award winning best printers. It offers extra ordinary features and performance in all types of printers such as all-in-one solutions, color inkjet, laser, monochrome laser, and color laser multi function printers. Brother offers fast, reliable and best quality printers which are easy to use and affordable. One of the best feature of Brother printers is that they are mostly plug and play and their drivers get installed automatically by the OS. No matter where you want to use it, home, home office, network, domain or work-groups, black & white or color printing Brother printers can be your best friend. This post focuses on different issues while downloading and installing Brother printer drivers Mac.

Brother printers have been winning awards for years – offering high-quality, well-designed printing solutions with excellent customer value. It has never been a problem downloading or installing drivers for Brother printer on Macs until the release of Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan. Apple made some changes that OS X version starting from Mavericks will have to obtain some printer drivers from Apple’s server as software update. So printer manufacturer such as Canon, Epson, Brother, Lexmark stopped offering driver downloads through their site. This post is focused on Mac computers running macOS High Sierra 10.13, Sierra, El Capitan 10.11, Yosemite and Mavericks 10.9. And applies only to users trying to download or install Brother Printer drivers Mac. I will show you complete information about how you can download and install full features driver and software for your Mac OS.

However, the Brother’s Printer driver download page only have drivers for Mac OS X 10.2-10.10. If you need to download driver for macOS version 10.11 and above you need to go to Apple software download page. And that doesn’t always help you as the driver is not a full featured driver. So let’s dive into this article and at any point of time if you are unable to follow some steps or could not find the appropriate option on your Mac feel free to contact us through chat, Skype or Phone number. Here is the list of Brother Printer’s Model whose drivers are available through Apple Software download and can’t be fount at Brother’s drivers download page. Apple provides the most appropriate driver for them. So if you also have one the Printer listed in the list then you should not worry as the driver should be downloaded automatically. Just in case if it doesn’t get installed automatically then follow the steps mentioned below.

The list is updated shortly after a vendor stops support for a model or a new software update is available by Apple as an steps towards bug and error fix. And before you connect your Printer to Mac, Make sure the you have checked and installed all the available software update for your Mac. If your Printer support AirPrint, then you may use it with AirPrint driver but again that would not be a full featured printer driver. This driver list and driver software was last updated on Jul 6, 2017 which is the latest one as of writing. Apple may release another version any time.

Driver Version: 4.1.1

File Size: 261.1 MB

System Requirements (Compatible With): OS X Mountain Lion 10.8, OS X Mavericks 10.9, OS X Yosemite 10.10, OS X El Capitan 10.11, macOS Sierra 10.12

Language Available: 日本語,Français,Deutsch,English, Nederlands,Italiano,Español, Polski,Português,Suomi,Dansk,한국어,Norsk Bokmål,繁體中文,Pусский,Português (Brasil),简体中文,Svensk


I loved how Brothers and other make of Printers would install automatically on Mac after just plugging it in. But Apple stripped out the drivers to save precious hard drive space and enable automatic download upon detection but that does not work always specially when there is a problem with macOS file or permissions errors. After reading this article you can easily find and install the Brother Printer drivers Mac. If you are having issue with epson printer and need the driver for epson ten follow the article Download and Install Epson Printer driver for Mac.

How to Install Brother Printer Drivers Mac:

Once you have downloaded the driver ver 4.1.1 from Apple which is mentioned above. It should install the driver automatically after connecting the Printer to your Mac. Steps may vary depending on the way you are trying to install it through.

Installing Brother Printer Drivers Mac With USB Connection

If you want to connect and use your Printer through USB connection.

  1. Connect the USB cable to Mac.
  2. Click Apple Logo > Go To System Preferences.
  3. Select Printers & Scanners or Print & Fax or Print & Scan whichever is available for your Mac model.

    Printers & Scanners in System Preferences
    Printers & Scanners in System Preferences
  4. Click on the + button.

    Adding Brother Printer in your Mac
    Adding Brother Printer in your Mac
  5. A list of available printers are shown in default tab. Choose the Printer Model you want to install.
  6. Now make sure the Print Using option at the bottom shows the correct machine. If the driver for your printer model is not available it will start downloading the driver automatically and once the driver is installed you should be able to select the driver or your Printer name in the print using selection list.

    Brother Printer Drivers Mac
    Installing Brother Printer Driver on Mac
  7. Once you have selected the right machine name > Click Add button and quit system preference.

Important Note:

If your Printer is too old and is not showing in the list below, then you need to find the driver install CD/ DVD. Older model used to come with driver installation CD/DVD. Insert the CD/DVD in the drive and look for the printer name or install icon on the desktop. Double click to open and run the installer. Follow the onscreen instruction and connect the printer when asked. In case you have lost the CD/DVD drive or can not find it, don’t worry we can help you find the appropriate driver from Brother’s website for you. We also have a driver software repository which can hep you.

Installing Brother Printer Drivers for Mac With Wireless Connection

Different Brother printer model has different ways to connect to Wireless network. Some of them just have a wireless or WPS button that activate the wireless functionality after pressing the button. While some other model want you to know the Wireless network setting from your router or Modem. You must have Wireless network name(SSID), WiFi password or Passphrase or Network key.

If you Printer has a Menu / Setup / Settings button on the Display Panel.

  1. Press the Menu / Setup / Settings button.

    Setting Menu Brother Printer
    Tap Settings in Printer Display Panel
  2. Go to Network Settings.

    Select Network option Brother Printer
    Select Network option Brother Printer
  3. Select Wireless or WiFi Setup.
  4. Choose Wireless Setup Wizard / WiFi Protected Setup.

    Brother Printer Wireless Connection Mac
    Select Wireless Setup Wizard or WPS Method
  5. If you Select the Wireless Setup Wizard then Press OK to continue.
  6. Select the Wireless Network name (SSID) from the list.
  7. Type the WiFi Key / Network Password when asked.
  8. Press Ok and the Printer should be connected to the WiFi in a moment.
  9. Once connected then Go to System preferences and follow the steps mentioned in previous method
  10. If you Selected the option WiFi Protected Setup or WPS in step 4 then Press OK and the Printer would start looking for available WPS router.
  11. Go to your router or modem and Press the WPS button within 2 minutes , WPS button is mostly located at the back of router.
  12. The printer will show you connection successful message and prompt you to print a network configuration page.
  13. Once connected, follow the same steps as mentioned in the previous Method to install the Printer.
  14. Hopefully, you will be able to fix issue with brother printer drivers Mac by now.

If you Printer doesn’t have a menu / Setup / or Settings button on the Display Panel.

  1. Press the Wi-Fi button on your Printer 7 times to deactivate the Wireless Network Ports and then press and hold the WiFi button on your Machine for 2 seconds.
  2. Go to your Wireless access point / router and press WPS or AOSS button for 2 second and let go off
  3. Your Printer should be connected to the router and you can install the driver from system preferences as mentioned in previous method.

If you do not have a WPS or AOSS button your router and Printer does not have any network setup wizard option

  1. Download the Printer Driver from Brother’s Driver download page or insert the driver CD/DVD.

    Install brother printer drivers Mac
    Install brother printer drivers Mac
  2. Double click to open the Brother icon from your desktop screen.
  3. Choose Wireless Network Connection when asked and click Next.
  4. When it asks if you have a USB cable, select No, you don’t and click Next.
  5. Click checked and confirmed message and hit Next.
  6. The network settings your computer is connected with (SSID and WiFi Passphrase) will appear on the screen. Confirm the settings by clicking Yes and Click Next.
  7. When it ask to enable the Wireless feature on the Machine > Press and hold the WiFi button on the printer, until the light begins to blink.
  8. The WiFi button will lit solid when connected sucessfully.
  9. Now go back to System preferences on your Mac and open the Printers & Scanners and follow the same steps as mentioned in previous Method to install and setup Brother Printer.
  10. You have successfully setup Brother Printer drivers Mac and you can use it to Print.

Troubleshooting Brother Printer Driver Mac issue.

If you have tried all the above methods and it does not work or you get an error while installing and setting up Brother Printer drivers Mac then follow the below troubleshooting.

Repair Disk Permissions on Mac:

Repairing Disk permissions on your Mac fixes hundreds of problems.

  1. Go to /Application/Utilities and Open Disk Utility.
  2. Select the Volume from the list on the left which is Macintosh HD on most Mac.
  3. Click on first Aid from the Top and click OK to confirm.
  4. Once disk utility has finished checking the Volume, quit the disk utility and move on to the next step.

Reset Printing System.

  1. Click Apple Menu and Select System Preferences.
  2. Choose Printers & Scanners.
  3. Control-click or right-click anywhere in the Printers box in the left pane and choose “Reset printing system…”
  4. Click OK to confirm.
  5. Now go to /Library/Printers/ folder and delete the folder named Brother.
  6. Now go to ~/Library/Preferences and delete all the preferences files for brother printer which begins with name*
  7. Restart your Mac and try to install and setup the Brother Printer as a fresh as mentioned in above methods.
  8. I am sure by now you would be able to fix issue with brother printer drivers Mac.

Brother Software Download Link :

As per Apple the list of Brother Printer Model which are installed automatically in Mac.

Brother Printer Model

Brother Printer Model for Which Drivers are available from Apple. Which are supposed to get downloaded and installed on its own.

Model Version Print Scan Fax
Brother DCP-145C 4.5.2 P S
Brother DCP-1510 series 4.0.5 P S
Brother DCP-1600 series 4.0.5 P S
Brother DCP-1608 4.0.5 P S
Brother DCP-1610NW series 4.0.5 P S
Brother DCP-1610W series 4.0.5 P S
Brother DCP-1618W 4.0.5 P S
Brother DCP-1619 4.0.5 P S
Brother DCP-163C 4.5.2 P S
Brother DCP-165C 4.5.2 P S
Brother DCP-167C 4.5.2 P S
Brother DCP-185C 4.5.2 P S
Brother DCP-193C 4.5.2 P S
Brother DCP-195C 4.5.2 P S
Brother DCP-197C 4.5.2 P S
Brother DCP-365CN 4.5.2 P S
Brother DCP-373CW 4.5.2 P S
Brother DCP-375CW 4.5.2 P S
Brother DCP-377CW 4.5.2 P S
Brother DCP-383C 4.5.2 P S
Brother DCP-385C 4.5.2 P S
Brother DCP-387C 4.5.2 P S
Brother DCP-390CN 4.5.2 P S
Brother DCP-395CN 4.5.2 P S
Brother DCP-535CN 4.5.2 P S
Brother DCP-585CW 4.5.2 P S
Brother DCP-595CN 4.5.2 P S
Brother DCP-6690CW 4.5.2 P S
Brother DCP-7030 4.5.2 P S
Brother DCP-7040 4.5.2 P S
Brother DCP-7045N 4.5.2 P S
Brother DCP-7055 4.5.2 P S
Brother DCP-7055W 4.5.2 P S
Brother DCP-7057 4.5.2 P S
Brother DCP-7057W 4.5.2 P S
Brother DCP-7060D 4.5.2 P S
Brother DCP-7065DN 4.5.2 P S
Brother DCP-7070DW 4.5.2 P S
Brother DCP-7080 4.0.8 P S
Brother DCP-7080D 4.0.8 P S
Brother DCP-7180DN 4.0.8 P S
Brother DCP-7189DW 4.0.8 P S
Brother DCP-8070D 4.5.2 P S
Brother DCP-8080DN 4.5.2 P S
Brother DCP-9040CN 4.5.2 P S
Brother DCP-9042CDN 4.5.2 P S
Brother DCP-9045CDN 4.5.2 P S
Brother DCP-9055CDN 4.5.2 P S
Brother DCP-9270CDN 4.5.2 P S
Brother DCP-J100 4.1.2 P S
Brother DCP-J105 4.1.2 P S
Brother DCP-J125 4.5.2 P S
Brother DCP-J132N 4.1.2 P S
Brother DCP-J132W 4.1.2 P S
Brother DCP-J137N 4.0.3 P S
Brother DCP-J140W 4.5.2 P S
Brother DCP-J152N 4.1.2 P S
Brother DCP-J152W 4.1.2 P S
Brother DCP-J172W 4.1.2 P S
Brother DCP-J315W 4.5.2 P S
Brother DCP-J4110DW 4.5.4 P S
Brother DCP-J4120DW 4.0.9 P S
Brother DCP-J4210N 4.5.4 P S
Brother DCP-J4215N 4.5.4 P S
Brother DCP-J4220N 4.0.9 P S
Brother DCP-J4225N 4.0.3 P S
Brother DCP-J515N 4.5.2 P S
Brother DCP-J515W 4.5.2 P S
Brother DCP-J525N 4.5.2 P S
Brother DCP-J525W 4.5.2 P S
Brother DCP-J540N 4.5.2 P S
Brother DCP-J552DW 4.1.2 P S
Brother DCP-J552N 4.1.2 P S
Brother DCP-J557N 4.0.3 P S
Brother DCP-J562DW 4.0.4 P S
Brother DCP-J562N 4.0.4 P S
Brother DCP-J715N 4.5.2 P S
Brother DCP-J715W 4.5.2 P S
Brother DCP-J725DW 4.5.2 P S
Brother DCP-J725N 4.5.2 P S
Brother DCP-J740N 4.5.2 P S
Brother DCP-J752DW 4.1.2 P S
Brother DCP-J752N 4.1.2 P S
Brother DCP-J757N 4.0.3 P S
Brother DCP-J762N 4.0.3 P S
Brother DCP-J925DW 4.5.2 P S
Brother DCP-J925N 4.5.2 P S
Brother DCP-J940N 4.5.2 P S
Brother DCP-J952N 4.1.2 P S
Brother DCP-J957N 4.0.3 P S
Brother DCP-J962N 4.0.3 P S
Brother DCP-J963N 4.0.3 P S
Brother DCP-L2500D series 4.0.8 P S
Brother DCP-L2520D series 4.0.8 P S
Brother DCP-L2520DW series 4.0.8 P S
Brother DCP-L2540DN series 4.0.8 P S
Brother DCP-L2540DW series 4.0.8 P S
Brother DCP-L2560DW series 4.0.8 P S
Brother DCP-L8400CDN 4.0.5 P S
Brother DCP-L8450CDW 4.0.5 P S
Brother DCP-T300 4.0.4 P S
Brother DCP-T500W 4.0.4 P S
Brother DCP-T700W 4.0.4 P S
Brother FAX-2810N 4.5.2 P F
Brother FAX-2840 4.5.2 P F
Brother FAX-2845 4.5.2 P F
Brother FAX-2890 4.5.2 P F
Brother FAX-2940 4.5.2 P F
Brother FAX-2950 4.5.2 P F
Brother FAX-2990 4.5.2 P F
Brother FAX-7860DW 4.5.2 P F
Brother FAX-L2700DN series 4.0.8 P F
Brother HL-1110 series 4.0.5 P
Brother HL-1200 series 4.0.5 P
Brother HL-1208 4.0.5 P
Brother HL-1210W series 4.0.5 P
Brother HL-1218W 4.0.5 P
Brother HL-2130 series 4.5.2 P
Brother HL-2140 series 4.5.2 P
Brother HL-2150N series 4.5.2 P
Brother HL-2170W series 4.5.2 P
Brother HL-2220 series 4.5.2 P
Brother HL-2230 series 4.5.2 P
Brother HL-2240 series 4.5.2 P
Brother HL-2240D series 4.5.2 P
Brother HL-2250DN series 4.5.2 P
Brother HL-2260 4.0.8 P
Brother HL-2260D 4.0.8 P
Brother HL-2270DW series 4.5.2 P
Brother HL-2280DW 4.5.2 P
Brother HL-2560DN 4.0.8 P
Brother HL-2569DW 4.0.8 P
Brother HL-2600CN BR-Script3 4.0.2 P
Brother HL-2700CN BR-Script3 4.0.2 P
Brother HL-3040CN series 4.5.2 P
Brother HL-3045CN series 4.5.2 P
Brother HL-3070CW series 4.5.2 P
Brother HL-3075CW series 4.5.2 P
Brother HL-3140CW series 4.1.2 P
Brother HL-3142CW series 4.1.3 P
Brother HL-3150CDN series 4.1.2 P
Brother HL-3150CDW series 4.1.2 P
Brother HL-3152CDW series 4.1.3 P
Brother HL-3170CDW series 4.1.2 P
Brother HL-3172CDW series 4.1.3 P
Brother HL-6180DW series 4.5.2 P
Brother HL-L2300 series 4.0.8 P
Brother HL-L2300D series 4.0.8 P
Brother HL-L2305 series 4.0.8 P
Brother HL-L2320D series 4.0.8 P
Brother HL-L2340D series 4.0.8 P
Brother HL-L2360D series 4.0.8 P
Brother HL-L2380DW series 4.0.8 P
Brother HL-L8250CDN series 4.0.5 P
Brother HL-L8350CDW series 4.0.5 P
Click to see the full list of Brother Printer with drivers from Apple

That’s all about the different ways to install and setup Brother Printer Drivers Mac and how to download the appropriate driver for the OS X version your Mac is powered with. Feel free to contact us at 844.539.9831 or skype:Sam26843 for a free consultation and diagnosis and we will be more than happy to assist you setup your Brother Printer drivers Mac. We also have a Brother Printer tech support department who work 24/7 and have expert technician.

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