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Brother Wireless Printer Setup Mac

When you buy a new printer, you are very happy to think that you can now print all your important documents easily whenever you want. And setting up your new printer can be very easy specially when you need to setup a wired connection. However, wireless setup of your brother printer on Mac could be most confusing and frustrating sometimes. In this post we will show you the easiest and simplest method to Brother wireless printer setup Mac.

As even with the Brother Printer tech support team, it is the setup that is hassle. And the trouble compounds when the printer driver installation disk refuses to install the required driver software because they are outdated or not compatible. Things get tougher when you could not find the driver or wireless setup option in some of the Brother printers. So after digging around the internet and Brother site we found some important information on how to connect Brother wireless printer on Mac. We have also found the correct place to download Brother printer driver for Mac.

After reading this post you can easily do brother wireless printer setup Mac. Though, there are multiple ways to setup Brother wireless printer on Mac. One of the most common and easiest to do it through connecting a USB cable temporarily. The wireless settings from computer are transferred to Printer via USB cable. Once the Printer has applied the settings and connected to wireless network, you can disconnect the USB cable. The other method is to connect the printer to wireless network through printer control panel first and then add your Brother printer Mac from system preferences. Follow the steps below to setup Brother wireless printer on Mac.

Steps for Brother Wireless Printer Setup Mac

Connect the Brother Printer to Wireless Network

1. Note down the following information for your wireless network:

“SSID or Network Name – The name of your Wireless Network or Access Point”

“Network Security Key (Password) – Encryption Key, WEP Key, Passphrase”

2. Look at the printer control panel or the display panel to check if there is any menu, Settings or Option button.

Brother Wireless Printer Setup Mac
Brother Wireless Printer Setup – Wireless Setup Wizard

3. Press the Menu / Setup / Option button and go to Network settings.

4. Select Network Setup Wizard and choose Wireless Setup.

5. Printer Should now look for available wireless network and display the list.

6. Select your home network and type the password or network key.

7. Press OK to connect.

Once you have connected the Brother wireless Printer Mac then move onto the next steps to setup the printer. I have done the similar setup on two different Brother Printer model HL-5280DW and HL-2270DW. The next step will also describe about connecting Brother wireless printer through USB temporarily, only one time. This option is a good choice in case your printer doesn’t have any display panel or control buttons.

Brother Wireless Printer Setup Mac

  1. Download and install the Brother printer driver on Mac. You can also download the brother Wireless Printer driver from support/
  2. Once the driver is installed, right click or “Ctrl” + click the driver installation file.Open Brother Wireless Printer Setup Mac Wizard file
  3. Select Show Package Contents. And then double click on “Wireless Device Setup Wizard”.
  4. If you see a confirmation message or any security warning related to opening the file. Simply click yes or open to confirm.
  5. Select “Yes, I have a USB cable” to use temporarily for installing printer and click Next.
  6. Now the Wizard may show you the wireless network settings, your Mac is connected with.
  7. Confirm the SSID and Network Key and click Next.
  8. When asked, temporarily connect the USB cord directly to your computer and other end to your Brother printer.
  9. If you are shown a list of available wireless network then choose your network name and enter the wireless network key.

    Brother Wireless Printer Connectivity and Setup
    Brother Wireless Printer Connectivity
  10. You will be asked to disconnect the USB cable from computer after the wireless network settings have been sent to the Brother Printer.
  11. Disconnect the cable and click next. Choose the Machine from the list and click Next.
  12. The wizard will install the driver and add the printer on your Mac to allow your to Print.

If you still don’t see the Printer name in the available printers list while trying to Print.

  1. Click on the Apple Menu and select System Preferences.
  2. Choose Print & Fax, Print & Scan, or Printers & Scanners option.
  3. Look at the list of available printers on the left. If you do not see your Printer. Click on the [+] icon at the bottom and select the printer from the list.
  4. Confirm the correct machine is listed under Print Using or Use option. Click the Add button.

    Brother Wireless Printer Setup Mac
    Installing Brother Wireless Printer Driver on Mac
  5. Now the Printer will be added to the list and you shall be able to Print using your Brother Printer.
  6. In case the Printer is not able to Print or Brother Printer offline Mac issue occurs. Click on the link to find the troubleshooting steps.

Other situation when you need to install and setup brother wireless printer is when it is Airprint enabled. In case the AirPrint is enabled the driver of the printer is automatically selected to Airprint generic driver which does not have the full features and functionality. So, you may need to download and install the full features driver for Brother printer and then set it up as described here in the above steps. I hope you will be able to do the Brother wireless printer setup Mac on your own now. Just in case you are unable to do it yourself or need assistance in anything related to your Mac or Brother printer setup. Feel free to contact our Brother Printer tech support number , who are available 24/7 and provide free diagnosis and free consultation.

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