What to do when Epson Printer Prints nothing?

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Epson Printers are widely used all over the globe because of its unique features and beautiful designs and of course for the best services for its customers. However at some point of time, a few users may face some difficulties while setting up the printer or while printing the documents. In that case , users should contact Epson Printer technical support for their queries and doubts. We are also one of the leading global independent technical support provider for Epson Printers and our technician are highly experienced and certified , they will guide you with the most innovative ideas and solutions. In this blog post our experts have shared the method to fix your Epson Printer printing issue specially when your Epson printer prints nothing.

Epson Printers run very reliably for a very long time and can give you thousands of print, but any malfunction or a problem can make the printer stop working either temporary or permanently. Sometimes the mere reason is the usage either the printer has been used so much or the use of the printer is very less. Following are some major reasons when it prints nothing upon sending print command.

Reasons of Epson Printer Prints Nothing Issue

Reason #1- Epson Printer is not correctly connected to the computer

Solution– Try one or more methods from the given solution:

  1. The first thing you need to do is turn off both your printer and computer. Just make sure that the Epson printer’s interface cable is plugged securely into the correct port of the computer.
  2. Just make sure to match the interface cable with the specifications for the printer and computer.
  3. The cable has to be connected directly to the computer without passing through any of the devices like printer switching device ,extension cable.
  4. If you connect the printer through wireless network or Wi-Fi make sure it shows connected at the printer’s display panel and the Wireless button has a solid light glowing.

Reason #2 – Epson Printer is not selected as the default printer

Solution- If the printer driver is not installed then just install it, follow the given steps to make the Epson Printer the default printer.

For Macintosh users :

  1. Click on the Apple menu >  select system preferences > open Printers and Scanners.
  2. Make sure your Epson printer’s model name is showing in the list on the left pane.
  3. Click on your printers name and then make sure that the default printer chooser has your printer name selected.
  4. If the Epson printer icon can be seen,then it shows that the printer driver is correctly installed otherwise install the printer driver.

    Check the default Printer selected when Epson Printer Prints Nothing
    Check the default Printer selected when Epson Printer Prints Nothing

For Windows users:

  1. Click start,then go to settings and select printers.
  2. Inside the Printers window you will find your Epson printer model no. just right click on it.
  3. Select “Set as default” option and close the open window.

Reason #3 – Epson Printer is sitting idle or is in sleep mode

Sometimes printer goes to sleep mode when it is not in use for a long time to save power. This feature is called energy saver and can be switched off from printer driver’s control panel. If you send a print and your Epson printer does nothing then look at the printer’s display panel and see if it shows idle or blank. Press the power button to wake the printer up or simply turn of the power and turn it back on. Try to send print again and it should work fine.

Now after reading this post we hope that you have resolved your Epson printer prints nothing issue. And you may be able to get your documents printed successfully. But still if you are not getting the desired results or having some difficulty while printing then feel free to contact us at Epson Printer technical support .You can reach us through phone, email or chat, give our experts an opportunity to serve you. All of our technicians for Epson Technical Support are highly skilled and knowledgeable in this field. We provide 24/7  assistance to our customers. Feel free to contacts us for a free diagnosis and in case there is any cost for the services we will let you know and you will have the option of walking away without any obligation. Though, our one time printer support starts with as low as $49.99.

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