How to Fix Brother Printer Paper Jam Issue?

While working on your Brother Printer you must have faced the paper jam issue and this situation worsens when you are in urgent need to print. Paper jam is a very common problem with Brother Printers, which can give you a difficult time of printing your important papers. However in most of the cases Brother Printer Paper Jam Issue is just a simple mechanical problem. If you are one of those user who is struggling with paper jam, then just follow the steps: open the scanner cover, remove the paper and then close the scanner cover.

After performing all these tricks, if you are still receiving the error message, then there is a possibility that a small piece of paper might have stuck inside your Brother printer and this has to be fixed immediately. Here in this blog you will learn all the simple methods on Fix Brother Printer Paper Jam issue. Here all the required methods are explained in a detailed manner. For sure if you keep following the steps that are given below you will definitely going to fix your issue.

Fix Brother Printer Paper Jam issue

Method 1:- Remove Any Jam around Print Head

Whenever the paper jam occurs in your brother printer ,the following LED indications is shown on the control panel. As soon as the Error LED starts flashing just start your fixing process.

# 1:- Open Position to Scanner Cover
At first, lift the scanner cover into the open position by using your hands.

# 2:- Checking the Print Head

• Check the position of the print head and in case if print head is in the right corner, then you need to press (X), Cancel or Stop/Exit while the print head takes the center position.
• And if in case the print head is in the left corner, then move further to the step 3.

# 3:- Unplug your machine

Here you have to unplug the machine from the main power outlet.

# 4:- Check the status of the Paper Stuck in the Brother Printer

• Use your fingers gently to move the print head to make sure no paper is stuck in the area. You can use tweezers to remove small pieces of papers left inside.
• If in case you are not able to see the tiny papers, then it will be a good idea to use a flash light to check if there is something stuck in the printer or not .
• Warning :- Be very careful while using tweezers as it can scratch the internal parts.

#5:- Close the Scanner Cover
Now every thing has been done so just close the scanner cover and switch on the Brother printer by plugging the cord into the power outlet.

Clear Brother Printer Paper Jam Issue

Method 2:- Solutions to deal with Paper Jam Inside the Machine

Following are the steps given which will surely help you to handle Brother Printer Paper Jam Issue inside the Brother Printer.
Step 1:- Unplug the Brother Printer
Before moving any further unplug your Printer from the power outlet.
Step 2:- Paper Support flap should be closed
Check your paper support flap, if it’s open just close it. After closing the flap pull the paper tray outside.
Step 3:- Check the status of paper Jam
To know the status examine the two levers inside the Brother Printer . If you find any jam then pull them to remove the paper, if any.
Step 4:- Verify the Front Part Of Brother Printer
• Now you have to confirm that the front of the Brother Printer jammed papers has been removed.
• If in case, it can’t be removed, then follow step 6.
• And if it can be removed then follow step 14.

Step 5:- Insert it into the Brother Printer Via Front Opening
Now, get one A4 size glossy paper and through the front opening insert it into the Brother printer.

Step 6:- Remove the Jammed Paper pushed Out by the Paper You Inserted
In case, any paper that you have inserted earlier is jammed then push out the jammed paper.Brother Printer Paper Jam Issue

Warning: This step has to be performed carefully and mind it don’t touch the encode strip because it can effect the performance of your Brother printer.

Step 7:- Remove the Inserted Paper
Through the front opening remove all the inserted paper.
Step 8:- Open the Jam Clear Cover
At the back of the printer you will find the stick clear cover which has to be open.
Step 9:- Insert One Glossy Paper
With an extraordinary care embed one shiny A4 paper from the opening.
Step 10:- Remove Any Jammed Paper
Remove all the jammed paper that is pushed out by the paper you embedded.
Step 11:- Remove the Inserted Paper Via Back Opening
Through the back opening you should remove the paper.
Step 12:- Close the Jam Clear Cover
Close the Jam clear cover at the back.
Step 13:- Close the Scanner Cover
Close the scanner cover carefully.
Step 14:- Put the Paper Tray
Place the paper tray firmly to its place back inside the printer.
Step 15:- Hold on the Paper Tray & Unfold both the Paper Support Flap
In this step hold the paper tray in place and pull out the paper support while it will make a click sound. Then you have to unfold the paper support flap.Brother Printer Paper Jam Issue

Step 17:- Plug Brother Printer
Now everything is done and you just have to plug in the Brother printer’s power cord.

That was all about fixing Brother Printer Paper Jam issue.  In case, you have any doubt or have some query related to brother printer issue. Feel free to connect with our Brother Printer Tech Support professionals for quick assistance. I am sure the above mentioned step would help you fix this problem and your printer would work perfectly fine.

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