Horizontal banding from Epson Printer

How to fix Horizontal Banding on Epson Printer?

You might have seen or experienced it sometimes with your own printer that Print out is not clear or has a horizontal line across the sentences or a group of words. And you may be surprised, Why my print is not clear,why are there lines in between the image or across the sentences? This is nothing but a banding, Banding is nothing but just a straight, horizontal lines on the prints which are running towards the print head. The banding can either be light or dark in density depending on the cause. Sometimes it comes across to the vertical banding which runs in the opposite direction of the print head. This vertical banding is totally different from horizontal banding.Here in this post we will focus on the major causes of horizontal banding on Epson Printer, and the solution to fix the banding.

Horizontal banding on Epson printer
Horizontal banding on Print from Epson printer

What are the main causes for Horizontal Banding on Epson Printer?

There can be many causes but following are the main reason for horizontal banding on the prints from Epson Printers.

Nozzle clogs – is the main reason for banding and this can occur anytime on your Epson Printers or on any other printers. If horizontal banding is caused by Nozzle clogging then your print will appear lighter and off color horizontal lines will be running all over your print. Contingent upon the seriousness of the stops up and in which hues they happen in, the lines may not run across the whole width of the print. Spout stops up can cause banding as well as cause shading shifts in your prints. Spout stops up can be caused by a few things including a dusty print head, non-utilization of the printer, or a broken print head.

In the event that you see banding, the primary test to run is a nozzle check. You can do this from your driver programming or on the front of the printer from the menu framework. In the printer driver you can get to the utility menu where you will discover a nozzle check button. Tap the button and a test example will print. Each shading will print a progression of “stair step” lines which shows 1 spout. In the event that even one single stair step is missing or not completely printed, banding can happen. On the off chance that you see any missing lines, either tap the “clean” button in your product, or push and hold the cleaning button on the front of the printer for three seconds.

The printer will run a cleaning cycle. After it completes run another nozzle check and confirm that all the steps are printing neatly.

Low Quality Print Settings– Horizontal banding can also be caused if you have selected a lower quality print setting in your driver or malfunctioned software can also cause banding. This kind of banding is generally more pronounced and in wider bands (1/8 inch) as compared to other types of banding. While printing in low quality settings speed things up and it uses less ink,which causes banding. To avoid horizontal banding you should print at least 1440 dot per inch (dpi) .

Mis-Aligned Print Heads – After Nozzle clogs, this is the other most common reason for causing horizontal banding. And this is all because a head alignment was never performed on the printer or it is also possible that printer was moved physically to another location. If you had done the head alignment through the software rather from the front panel of the printer, you can still face horizontal banding because the alignment from the printer is more comprehensive then from the software. If the horizontal banding occurs because of misaligned print heads then your print will come out darker and again horizontal lines will be running all over the print. You must have Epson Printer manual with you,with the help of the manual just go through the steps and fix your Horizontal Banding on Epson printer. After doing all the things if you are still facing horizontal banding problem then uncheck the high speed option from the Epson driver .

Incorrect Paper Thickness Settings- If very thick or very thin media is used, and the printer is not informed about this, then also horizontal banding can occur. And you don’t need to worry if you are using the Epson driver, as the printer is automatically “told” about the media thickness. You will not face any problem if you have selected the correct paper type in the driver. As long as you select the correct paper type in the driver you shouldn’t have a problem. I hope all these mentioned steps will help you with your banding issue .

These were some major reasons of Horizontal Banding on Epson Printer and their solution to fix the banding. We tried to keep the article as short and simple as possible, so in case it does not help you, feel free to call us back for a free diagnosis and the consultation. Out Epson customer helpline toll free number is +1(844)-539-9831. We are available 24/7 through phone, Email and Chat line.

Happy Troubleshooting…

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