Contact Brother Printer Tech support to Fix Slow printing Process in Brother Printer?

How to Fix Slow printing Process in Brother Printer?

There are multiple Printers brand out there in the market and people like to try all of them. One of the most famous and majorly used printer Brand is Brother Printer. Brother industries manufactures a complete range of printers from inkjet, laser printer to large scale printing machine. I can make sure, even if you do not have one at the moment. You may buy it in near future. Brother Printers are famous for its quality and fast printing process but there have been instances when the Brother printer does not print quickly & faster, rather it seems like the print head is crawling on paper. In this post we will troubleshoot and fix Slow printing Process in Brother Printer.

How to Fix Slow printing Process in Brother Printer?

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Different types of issues on How to Fix Slow printing process in Brother Printer :

There are many solutions available to Fix Slow printing Process in Brother Printer which are given below:

  • One of the reason could be corrupted drivers, that might slow things for your brother printer.
  • If the print server is under load or over load, this might slow things down or it may be due to virus or corrupted drivers of your computer.
  • There is a possibility of network issue.
  • There is a possibility someone is trying to hack your network and using your wireless connection.
  • These are some of the cases which our experts deal with on regular basis, there are many other issues to for which our customers worry about. Hence our aim is to hit the solution for How to Fix Slow printing Process in Brother Printer?
  • You can call us at our Brother printer technical support helpline.

Factors that can trigger How to Fix Slow Printing Process in Brother Printer :

#1. Back cover and Duplex Tray of the printer: Ensure that the back cover is firmly closed and the duplex tray is firmly installed.

#2.  Resolutions of the print job: You must check the print resolution very carefully. The print resolution is directly related to the printing speed. If the resolution is higher than the time taken to complete that print job is also higher . If it is taking too long then just Change the resolution of the print job.

#3. Quite Mode: If the printer is on quite mode then Brother printer will work slow. Normally by default, it is disabled but to make sure about it then just follow the steps below:

a). Start with ensuring that printer is connected to the power cord and the front cover is closed.
b). Next turn the printer on and wait till the time it is in the Ready Mode.
c). By using up and down key, go to the General Setup and Press OK.
d). Next navigate to the Quite Mode and press OK .
e). At the end Turn off the Quite Mode and press OK.

Contact Brother Printer Tech support to Fix Slow printing Process in Brother Printer?
Contact Brother Printer Tech support to Fix Slow printing Process in Brother Printer?

Factors affecting Slow Printing issue in Brother Printer

#4. Use Genuine Ink Cartridges/refill: Always opt for Genuine Brother ink cartridges and refill supplies. If you are using the local or duplicate supplies then it can damage the Brother printer so as the printing speed of it.

#5. Fast Internet Connection: If you are connected to a Wireless Brother printer, then always make sure it is connected to a fast network connection. Make sure printer you keep the printer near to the Wi-Fi router or connect via Ethernet cable.

#6. Print Driver configuration: Other reason could be improper configuration of the Brother printer driver or incorrect printer driver installed. Always make sure that you have uninstalled the existing printing driver and the supported utilities along with the support packages. After uninstalling the Brother printer driver execute a fresh installation of the brother printer . For Mac, we have separately published a post that covers how to download and install Brother Printer driver on Mac.

#7. USB Cables : Check the USB cable very carefully, it may look like new to you there is a strong possibility that it may be damaged from inside. Replace the USB cable and try again.

That’s all I wanted to cover for the troubleshooting of this slow printing issue in Brother Printers. If you have already exhausted all the steps and troubleshooting mentioned above, then you may want to contact our technical helpline for brother printers by calling our toll-free helpline for Brother Printer and get the instant support for How to fix slow printing process in Brother Printer.

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