Restore iTunes backup to restore-lost accidentally deleted Notes iPhone

iPhone Notes Disappeared – How to Recover Deleted Notes on iPhone

Notes app has been one of the preinstalled applications by default since Apple released the first generation of iPhone. And because of its convenient features of taking notes of shopping list, account & password list, important ideas, information or memories of daily life – more and more iOS users tend to use it. However, accidentally deleting notes has also become a very common issue. It can leads to a heavily loss for someone specially if the deleted notes contained important password or transaction records. Have you ever stuck on iPhone notes deleted or disappeared problem, or has it ever happened that you connected your iPhone to a Mac and then all your notes were replaced by some other unknown notes. If you are facing any of such problems, this guide will make your life easier and you can easily recover deleted notes on iPhone or iPad.

This post will show you different reasons of losing notes on iOS devices and how to recover them free of charge. And this information works on every iPhone / iPad irrespective of the iOS version.

How to recover deleted Notes on iPhone / iPad?

Those notes from your iPhone / iPad may disappear due to various reasons, such as, iOS upgrade failure, Syncing of incorrect apple id with iCloud or iTunes, accidental deletion, a failed jailbreak, or Wrong Email account used to sync notes. No matter what reasons make your iOS Notes disappeared or deleted, your main concern would be how to recover them as quickly as possible. There is one sure way, you would first want to follow to recover the deleted Notes and that is restoring old iPhone / iPad backup. But sometimes even the restoration of old backup does not help as the Notes recovered, get disappeared immediately within few seconds after the restoration is completed. It could become more tricky when you do not have any backup.

Steps to recover deleted Notes on iPhone / iPad

Step #1. Check the Recently Deleted folder in Notes app

If you’re using upgraded version of Notes, it works just like Photos app on your iPhone or iPad that all your deleted notes moved to the Recently Deleted folder. It stays there for 30 days before it gets deleted permanently unless restored. So if you deleted some Notes accidentally, those Notes would still be there on you iPhone iPad for up to 30 days and you can recover it easily. So you can restore it from the Recently Deleted folder and save your precious data. You can view the notes in Recently Deleted folder but can not edit it until its restored. Here are the simple steps on how to restore those notes.

  1. Open Notes app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Go to Recently Deleted folder. If you can’t see the “Recently Deleted” folder then click on the arrow going backward at the top left corner.
  3. Recover deleted Notes iPhone
    Recover deleted Notes on iPhone from Recently Deleted Folder

    3. If you still do not see the “Recently Deleted” folder then you probably do not have any deleted Notes from this iPhone or iPad and you might have switched your Apple ID. Check the Apple ID you are signed in with under settings.

  4. If you see the folder then select Edit from top right of the screen and simply tap on Move All or select the Notes you want to recover and then tap “Move To..”.
  5. Select the default folder “Notes” to move the deleted notes back to default Notes folder.

I hope this will help you recover those deleted notes. You can also watch this small YouTube video showing you all the above steps used to recover Notes from “Recently Deleted” folder. In the video I have created a simple Note and deleted it then recovered it the same way as mentioned above.

Note: If you the Notes you deleted were shared Notes then it does not appear in “Recently Deleted” folder and you will have to ask the sharer to share it again.

Step #2. Check the Notes folder in your Default Email

Sometimes you configure your default Email to also store and sync the Notes with your iPhone or iPad. This is the option that you normally get while adding a mail account in your iPhone or iPad. So if you re sure that you did not delete notes rather they just disappeared. And you normally use a Gmail or Yahoo email service.

Recover Lost or Disappeared Notes on iPhone Gmail
iPhone Notes Disappeared or Lost | Recover Deleted Notes iPhone
  1. Check your Email and look for “My Folders” box in case of Yahoo and “Categories” in case of Gmail. Find the folder Named “Notes” and all your disappeared notes should be here.
  2. Now go to Settings in your iPhone or iPad and select Accounts and Passwords.
  3. Notes Syncing with Gmail
    Notes Syncing with Gmail- Recover the disappeared or deleted iPhone notes from Gmail

    Tap on your Email account which stores the Notes. Turn the slider for Notes on.

  4. Press Home button and check your Notes app again, all the disappeared notes should now be showing in the Notes app.

Step #3. Recover Deleted Notes on iPhone from an iTunes Backup

If you had ever synced your iPhone, iPad with iTunes on your computer when those notes were still on it. And you did not synced it again after losing the Notes then it’s more likely that your Notes are available in iTunes backup and can be restored. You will need to restore your iPhone or iPad from iTunes backup. Before you connect your iOS device to iTunes make sure you enable the feature called “Prevent your iPhone from syncing automatically” from iTunes Preferences > Devices tab.

Remember, restoring your iOS device to a previous date will delete all your data and settings and revert your iPhone settings and data to the same as it was on the backup date and all the new contents will be lost. To restore iPhone from iTunes backup.

  1. Open iTunes on the computer you have previously synced your iOS device with.
  2. Connect the iPhone to the computer.

    Restore iTunes backup to restore-lost accidentally deleted Notes iPhone
    Restore iTunes backup to restore-lost accidentally deleted Notes iPhone
  3. Click “Restore Backup” and select the backup date when you are sure that you had your lost notes on.
Restore iTunes backup to restore deleted Notes iPhone
iPhone Notes Disappeared or Lost | Recover Deleted Notes on iPhone

But there is one disadvantage of restoring Notes from old iTunes backup. All the new information like Photos, Notes, Passwords, contacts that you recently created after that backup date will be lost. And everything you had on the date you backed up you iPhone or iPad will be restored. In case you do not have any backup in iTunes, don’t worry as you still have a chance that your phone was backing up to iCloud. Follow the next steps to check if you have the backup on iCloud that can be restored to recover your Notes.

Step #4. Recover Deleted Notes on iPhone from an iTunes Backup

There is more likely that your iCloud settings has the automatic backup feature turned on. If it is ON, then it is being backed up to iCloud automatically and it contains the old Notes which have been deleted. To check if the back up feature is turned on.

Automatic iPhone Backup to iCloud
iPhone Notes Disappeared or Lost | Recover Deleted Notes on iPhone
  1. Go to settings on iPhone or Simply click on restore from iCloud backup in iTunes.
  2. In iPhone tap your name at the Top of Settings menu.
  3. Select iCloud and scroll down to check if the backup is on.
  4. If its on then go to settings menu again and select ”General”.
  5. Select Reset and choose “ Erase All Content and Settings.
  6. Enter your Apple ID password to verify and hit Reset again.
  7. Your iPhone will restart and erase all the content.
  8. Once all the contents are erased it will ask you to setup the phone. During setup you will need to restore from iCloud backup.
  9. Select the backup when you had all your lost Notes.Verify password and everything should be back to normal.

Note:- There might me a situation when you could recover all your lost notes in iPhone from iCloud backup but they will disappear again after few seconds as sson as your iPhone synchronizes with iCloud and you could not easily just save it anywhere specially in case you have hundreds of notes. You need to either find a quick solution to transfer them all to your Mac, Windows or somewhere you can save them permanently. You can contact us in case you are unable to restore them or if they get disappeared as soon as recovered.

If you have a computer with iTunes installed you can .do the same from iTunes as well. So these were few different steps that can be useful to restore or recover deleted Notes on iPhone. If you have tried all the above mentioned steps and it still does not help then call our Mac tech support toll free no for US and our expert can help you recovering your lost notes. Remember there are a number of third party apps out there in the market which claim to be a best solution in order to recover deleted notes. But most of the time you end up losing money for nothing as you will need to buy their license first,just to find out if you have the Notes in backup. Feel free to contact us as there is no charge for diagnosis and we provide free consultation.

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