Put Back option is not available in Trash on Mac

Has it ever happened that you accidentally deleted thousands of files from your Mac and they all went to trash but you can not restore them as the Put Back option is not available in Trash on Mac. Well it’s normal and it happens. Sometimes when you delete files and folders from different locations and try to restore them all together the Put Back option is grayed out and doesn’t allow you to restore the deleted files. We have received a lot of queries and calls from our clients, who actually installed some cleaning/ tune up software on their Mac and the software suggested to delete a lot of unused files to free up some space. As a result of which, the users ( our clients) deleted the files and folder assuming them as unneeded and the software moved them all to trash. Later on, when the user opened Photos and iTunes app, he was shocked to see that all of his pictures and songs collection has gone. Upon checking the trash he found that most of those missing pictures and songs were actually deleted and staying in the trash. But much to his surprise that he could not undo this action as the restore/ put back option was not available. Well this post is going to tell you why the Put Back option is not available in Trash on Mac, or missing or grayed out. This article is intended for all those Mac users who are unable to restore the deleted files from trash on their Mac because the put back option is missing or grayed out.

This article will help you when:

  1. Your Mac’s Trash folder does not let you put the deleted files back.
  2. The put back option for deleted files in missing in trash.
  3. The put back option is grayed out.
  4. Put back option is not available when multiple files in the trash are selected together.

Even though the put back option is not available, you can still drag the files off trash folder over to a new folder on desktop or to the music library folder. But it will not restore them to the same folder and will not restore your playlist and other info. So is there a way to restore them all to the same folder it was deleted from so that the folder hierarchy and other info are back as it was before. Restoring files one by one is also not a good solution when you have thousands of files as it may take several days to restore them.

Solution if Put Back option is not available in Trash on Mac

The put back option is not available or grayed out when the folder view option is set to anything else but list view and the files are not arranged by date added or modified. Here is the trick that we apply to make the put back option appear in trash on Mac.

    1. Click on the list view option from the toolbar menu across the top.
    2. Right-click the empty space and choose “arrange by > Date Added” or click on arrange icon from tool bar menu across the top and select “arrange by > Date Added or Date Modified”.

      Put Back option is not available in Trash on Mac
      Enable the list view option and arrange items by date added
    3. Right click or Ctrl+click on any deleetd files and you will see the Put Back option in the context menu and also in the file menu.

Sometimes , even the above mentioned steps does not work when you select multiple files together. The put back option is disappeared when selecting multiple files. That happens only when the folder, the files were deleted from does not exists or is deleted from trash also. You may need to restore the parent folder first, before trying to put the child folder or files back. Files and folder structures in Mac are not easy for everyone to understand. If you are not so tech savvy and does not know which folder or files belongs to which location or if you have accidentally deleted thousands of files. Contact our Mac tech support team who can help you restore thousand of files in few minutes. We offer free consultation and diagnosis, so feel free to call our toll free +1(844) 539 9831 for best advice. That was all about the simple trick to fix this problem when Put Back option is not available in Trash on Mac.

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