Solved: How To Setup Netgear Wireless Router

How To Setup NETGEAR Wireless Router

Setting Up Netgear wireless router is a very simple procedure however with wrong advances and flawed switch, this can get hard. So we should attempt to Setup Netgear Wireless Router, please pursue these means. Associate your modem to the web port of the NETGEAR switch and your PC to any of the four LAN ports.

There are two methods to setup Netgear wireless router.

Given Below Are Two Methods To Setup Netgear Wireless Router :

Automatic Configuration Of Netgear Wireless Router

Open any internet browser and write in the address bar "" or type in or by default in the address bar of your browser. and hit enter. This will open up a web page to Setup Netgear Wireless RouterThis web page will display you the following things.

Browser Tab
Browser Tab
  • Do you need help setting up your wireless network, Click on the check-box marked for "Yes" and then Click on "Next".
  • Now your internet connection will automatically detect the type of your internet, for example your computer is a using dynamic IP or static IPClick on "Next".
  • Set up the name for your network and click on Next. Now it will ask "do you want to add security to your wireless network" click on Yes and then please click on next.
Security In Netgear Router
Security In Netgear Router
  • Next you will have to choose your wireless security/encryption for example wap2, WPA-PSK. Now please enter your password click next.
  • Now it ask you "would you like to change your router admin password in Netgear router"  click on yes and then click next and print out all the information, now you are connected to your internet network.
  • Restart your system and your router as will. It will try to connect you to wireless network.

Pro Tip: Netgear has a computer software by the name of "Netgear Genie" you can download and install it. This software will Setup Netgear Wireless Router automatically in very simple steps . just follow these steps.

Manual Configuration Of Wireless Router

Please keep in mind you can Install Netgear Wireless Router with the help of manual settings as well. you just have to execute the below given steps in order to Install Netgear Wireless Router.

  • Please open any internet web browser and type in the address bar on the top of the browser (URL) "" and then click on "enter".
  • Now type in your admin name and password and hit on enter.
  • Next, click on "no I want to configure the router myself" click on next.
  • Click and open the page like by name of "basic settings".
  • Select "Yes" on "internet connection require a login".
  • In the below encapsulation select PPPoE(that is PPP over Ethernet).
Setup Netgear Wireless Router
Setup Netgear Wireless Router

If you know your router's user name and password then its excellent, please type it and if you don’t have or remember the password and username, please get in touch with your internet service provider.

Now, in the section named "internet IP address" , click on "get automatically from ISP" Domain name server DNS address "click get automatically from ISP Enable net" and the click apply.

Pro Tip: Before setting up a password on your Netgear wireless router, make sure that you select the right type of encryption like WPA, WPA2-PSK etc.

Configure Netgear Wireless Router Password And Security

Activate Security In Netgear Router
Activate Security In Netgear Router
  • Click on wireless tab, here you can edit your network name (SSID).
  • Please write in your SSID.
  • Now select your region.
  • Then select channel 11 and leave it just as it is.
  • In the mode section, select auto mode "up to 300mbps".
  • After that, under "wireless access point", check tick mark on allowing broadcast of name SSID and then enable the "wireless access point".
  • Now, select the security type and write in your password.
  • Memorize and do not forget your username and password to login into your wifi network. Click on apply.
  • Now restart your modem and router.

You have successfully Setup Netgear Wireless Router at your home or office. Now you can use your Netgear router to surf on to the internet.

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