Troubleshoot Epson Inkjet Printer Error

How to Troubleshoot Your Epson Ink jet Printer Error?

These days our work has been a lot easier by Printers. When our Printers work smoothly then our life seems so easy but the moment you find your printer has started showing some problems then you are all filled with frustration. Most of the times problem occurs with old printers but your newly purchased printers too can become a problematic machine. Sometimes issues with Epson Ink jet Printers are so simple that any user can solve it own their own. But,  yet of course there are so many issues which a user can not crack on its own and for that a proper guidance from Epson Printer support service is needed.  This post focuses on how to troubleshoot Epson Ink jet Printer Error.

Following are some easy steps to troubleshoot Epson Ink jet Printer error:

1. The very first thing you need to do is to check whether all the cables are plugged into the right sockets because if any of the cables is plugged into a wrong outlet then it may damage your printer.

2. The next step is to see whether your Printer Panel reads “Connected,”Ready” or “Online”. Definitely your printer display will glow if its functioning properly.

3. If at any step you are not able to check, why the problem is occurring then the best solution is to run a printer check which will help you in determining the source of the problem and you will be able to know whether it is from inside the printer or from some other sources. You can go for a test print to check whether your printer is working smoothly or not. For this, all you need is to click one button and your self test function will start on its own.

4. Checking the ink level of your printer is must. If anytime you find your cartridge is empty you have to refill it for the proper functioning of your printer. And if your cartridge is faulty for any reason you must replace it with the new one.

Troubleshoot Epson Ink jet Printer Error
Troubleshoot Epson Ink jet Printer Error

5.The next thing is to clean the nozzle head of the Printer. Nowadays Epson Printers are well equipped with a self cleaning feature. If you have the latest version of the Printers just Go to the Properties section of your Printer and clean the Print heads. If you don’t have that function then also no need to worry because you can manually clean your print heads with a lint free cloth and gently wipe the Print heads.

6.Very carefully clean all the paper that are jammed inside the printer. Even the tiniest bit of paper has to be removed for the smooth functioning of the printer.

7.  And most of the important step is to ensure that the Printer drivers installed are of the right kind.

Our Epson printer support +1 844-539-9831 number can  troubleshoot Epson ink jet printer error which may have caused due to any reason. We provide free consultation and diagnosis and support plans are very pocket friendly and flexible. Our support technicians are available 24/7 through phone, email and chat line. Call our toll free to know the root cause of the problem and get your Epson printer fixed.

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